Wordfence is the number one security product for WordPress today. We have evolved from a small team of two founders in 2012 into a 28-person company of highly skilled and credentialed analysts, developers, engineers and support staff. Since we launched Wordfence in 2012, our team has steadily expanded outside the WordPress space. We launched Gravityscan earlier this year, giving our customers the ability to scan any website for vulnerabilities and malware. Gravityscan has been a resounding success and joins our growing stable of products and services. The team that started Wordfence has grown into an experienced and pioneering security organization. Today, we are the team behind: Wordfence, the leading firewall and malware scanner for WordPress with over 50 million downloads. Gravityscan, a groundbreaking service that scans any website for malware and vulnerabilities, no matter what platform you use. Our popular site-cleaning service, which helps our customers rapidly recover from a hack. Our site security audit service, which helps our customers ensure their sites are locked down and secure. We also regularly publish research into the newest threats on the Wordfence blog. Today we
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