WordPress 4.9 is almost knocking at the door. We are hoping that it will be released in the third week of November 2017. Having Gutenberg Editor in the queue, WordPress is getting bigger with every release. The 4.9 release does not have anything significant like Gutenberg. However, it has many new features, improvements, and tweaks. So, you may be wondering what WordPress 4.9 has to offer. We are going to show you our experience with the latest release while we tested the RC3 (Release Candidate 3). Welcome to WordPress 4.9 While upgrading to WordPress 4.9, we got this exciting welcome page. It has details on the whole update and what it brings. This update contains major customizer improvements, better code editing inside WordPress dashboard, improved widgets and lot other fixes. Without further ado, let’s dive in! Improved Customizer: Save, Schedule & Share With the release of WordPress 4.9, the theme customizer menu has seen three new options added. Save: The newly save button lets you save your tweaks without publishing it first. This gives you time to finalize your design without going live. Schedule: There is also an added schedule option which lets you schedule your
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