WordPress 4.9 is like every major WordPress update, in that the community has been circling it since the announcement was made. The list of potential enhancements and features has got everyone buzzing again! It was made clear early that there wouldn’t be a focus on Gutenberg for this release – Gutenberg will be the driver behind WordPress 5.0 next year. However, WordPress 4.9 is one for the loyalists with a couple of additions that have been waiting eight years for inclusion. This WordPress 4.9 release is an opportunity to clear the decks in preparation for Gutenberg watershed sometime next year. In that light, the changes that we see here are overwhelmingly user oriented. With a strong desire to help users with editing and management. Does it succeed? Should you update immediately? Well, we have been running the rule over 4.9 for months now, and this article will show you its best features in detail, plus the best of the rest: Here’s what’s new in WordPress 4.9 – the most exciting stuff 1. The Scheduler and Draft Saver The Customizer was always great for going through with big changes. But those changes had to be done en masse, and they went live as soon
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