I logged into a client’s WordPress backend and the bottom part of the admin menu looked like this: Why are there so many menu items?! I mean come on, the site is using 38 plugins, and there are 14 new menu items (not all shown in the screenshot). In my case, 37% of plugins have added their own entry in my menu. Important note: I’m not hating on these plugins, in fact I some of them. They’re in the screenshot because those plugins are really being used in the site. Sometimes It’s Inevitable I understand that it’s inevitable in some cases. Advanced Custom Fields and WooCommerce need their own entry in the menu for listing fields and products. Of course that’s a valid point. Sometimes a plugin will need an area especially if it has lots of settings, like WordFence – a valid point also. Or sometimes it’s a unique entry in the admin, like Monster Insights. It introduces analytics to the admin, so I think that should have their own entry. Sometimes You Don’t Need a new admin menu item In some cases though, a new menu item is unnecessary. In one of the plugins in my screenshot above, the settings page only contained a single field.. A single
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