WordPress is always on the move, with new features, top plugins and themes pushing new boundaries. But 2017 has been, in particular, a noteworthy one for the open source CMS. Sure, we’ve had our usual major releases – which we’ll get to in a bit. Beyond that, 2017 has stood out for the massive kerfuffle caused by something that’s not even officially part of the core software just yet. Gutenberg Prints Up Controversy Indeed, the still-in-the-works Gutenberg editor has been the biggest thing to hit WordPress since… maybe WordPress itself. For those not familiar with Gutenberg, it’s a fully redesigned and reimagined editing experience that is expected to be included in WordPress 5.0. Until then, you can take it for a test drive via an available plugin. From what I’ve gathered, there aren’t a whole lot of people out there who are so in love with the current WordPress editor that they don’t want to see it go (although, it’s supposed to stick around in plugin form after WP 5.0 is released). But there has been much debate regarding whether or not the block-based Gutenberg is in the best interest of the WordPress community at large.
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