Every WordPress project is a puzzle. It is like a set of legos: small pieces fit together to create a successful outlook. However, there’s a catch. You have to determine the right building blocks to put together effectively because not every piece fits in every place. When you're looking for a WordPress developer, you should know there are several ways for you to find the right one, one of which is scouting for freelance developers on outsourcing platforms. The world of freelance developers is an enormous beast featuring unknown people working for you from all over the world. In many cases, there are little to none regulations and uncertainty is (unfortunately) the standard currency. I see why all of this might scare someone off. Yet, tapping into this new gig-based/freelancing economy is a massive opportunity for your business, as well as for many others. And that's why I'd like to provide you with some first-hand tips that will make your search for the right WordPress developer less painful within this ineffable world that freelancers live in. So here it goes... Tip 1: Be aware of the old saying "Price buyer, twice buyer" If you can't count on personal referrals and
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