Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 is expected to be released sometime in the first or second quarter of 2018 and with it we are shipping a significant number of changes. To help developers and users alike prepare for the 3.0 release, we’ll be communicating these changes through this blog consistently over the next few months. The 3.0 release will have two primary focuses: A complete migration of data from the WordPress default tables into custom database tables that offer significant performance and flexibility improvements. A complete rebuild of the reporting tools offered in order to provide store owners accurate and actionable reports of their store’s eCommerce activity. We have chosen to skip the 2.9 version and jump straight to 3.0 as this is going to be a significant release with a huge number of underlying changes that pose the possibility of breaking backwards compatibility. Our goal is to always maintain 100% backwards compatibility but it is possible that we’ll need to strategically break backwards compatibility in some places for Easy Digital Downloads 3.0. As we work through the 3.0 release we’ll work to heavily document any and all break points that we
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