If you don’t know by now, ManageWP is one of the best tools around for managing multiple WordPress sites. You can manage backups, uptime monitoring, security and speed scans, analytics, WooCommerce transactions and plugin, theme and core file updates all from a single dashboard. For anybody in charge of more than one WordPress site, using this tool is a no-brainer. But ManageWP doesn’t have to work in a vacuum. In fact, there are plenty of other plugins that work in conjunction with ManageWP that can help take it to the next level. These plugins compliment the functionality of ManageWP and are even able to add to it, making you a real power user. These plugins and ManageWP are like peanut butter and jelly. So if you’re all-in for WordPress support or are looking to start a website maintenance service, let’s take a deeper dive into some of these plugins. Easy Updates Manager One of the best features of ManageWP is that you can make all your plugin, theme and core file updates directly from their dashboard. Furthermore, you can use their safe updates feature to make sure that you won’t white screen yourself. But what about plugins, themes and core files that
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