What is Getting Ready for Gutenberg? Getting Ready for Gutenberg is an initiative to help the WordPress community prepare for launch of Gutenberg. While Gutenberg aims to revolutionise the publishing in WordPress ecosystem, this ecosystem is not complete without the plugins and themes that extend the capabilities of WordPress. There are many theme and plugin shops who have in-house teams or outsourced vendors who will do the heavy lifting of converting their theme/plugin code to work with Gutenberg. But there are many shops, developers who do not have teams to help them with this task. There are many plugins that are not updated and are dormant since quite sometime but are installed and active on hundreds of WordPress sites. Getting Ready for Gutenberg is an effort to bring the big happy family of WordPress developers and designers together to help these people to help prepare their code, themes, plugins for Gutenberg. Who Getting Ready for Gutenberg is meant for? Your theme/plugin is listed on official WordPress directory The theme/plugin is more than 6 months old You have atleast 500 active installs Starting Thursday, Dec. 14th, 2017, you can apply to get help for your themes/plugins.
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