Changing the domain name on an existing WordPress installation or staging a WordPress website at a different location may seem daunting at first. But it’s really quite easy to do. And I’ll show you how. Use case #1: You’ve purchased a number of domain names for your website. And you wish to assign another of your domain names as the main domain people see in the web browser location bar when they visit your website. Use case #2: Your client has asked you to update their existing theme but would prefer you not edit their live website. Staging the website in a subdirectory within the current hosting account will allow you to work with the existing theme in a safe environment. Use case #3: You would like to move your website to another web host, but test your website at the new host before pointing the domain name to the new hosting account. The process for making a backup of a WordPress website in preparation for a move to another hosting account or for staging purposes is rather straightforward. Start by making a backup of your existing website files and database. Backing up files and databases within cPanel is as simple as clicking Backup, then clicking two links:
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