A while back, Google purchased the .dev TLD (Top Level Domain). At that time, they announced that they had no plans for it and that they were only going to use it for internal purposes. For years, the .dev TLD was primarily used for developers and designers to use in their local development environments. It was considered general acceptable use and, as a result, developers everywhere are now running sites locally which may now be affected. Recently Google announced that in a soon to be released update to Chrome, they will be forcing .dev to HTTPS. In short, this means that if you are running local sites using .dev AND running Google Chrome, you will find your site unreachable. Fortunately, there are a couple of options which are fairly simple to implement to get around this issue. Keep in mind that since .dev has been a standard TLD for local development for some time, this new policy by Google will affect you whether you are using DesktopServer or any other local development tool which utilizes the .dev TLD. This issue is NOT specific to DesktopServer. Solution #1 (Any Local Host Development Platform): Stop Using Google Chrome for Local Development Let’s start with the easiest
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