WordPress 4.9 is live a few days now and it comes with an awesome new widget: the Gallery widget! In this mini-tutorial we’ll see how to turn our gallery widgets into image slideshows using Slick carousel and minimal code! Slick Carousel The jQuery plugin that’s going to power our carousel is none other than the almighty Slick Carousel, by the man, Ken Wheeler. Why Slick? Because it’s (in my opinion, at least) the most powerful free and open source carousel jQuery plugin out there; it’s versatile, extremely easy to use (as you’ll soon discover), touch ready, mobile friendly, and comes with an abundance of options. In fact, we like Slick so much here that we’ve adopted it in all our recent (and future) themes. Getting set up For this tutorial we’ll be using our own popular Olsen theme which comes with slick carousel enqueued by default, but anything we do applies to all our themes, and generally all WordPress themes. If you’re not using Olsen (or any of our more recent themes this last year and a half), the first thing to do would be to download Slick carousel from its website. Click on the “get it now” navigation option and
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