2018 is around the corner, and as everyone reflects on 2017, you may be wondering how you can increase profits of your own business, or maybe start a new one revolving around WordPress technology. However, have you ever thought about the WordPress economy? Is it still a thing? WordPress is Old If WordPress was a person, it would be learning how to drive soon, and in the tech community, that is basically ancient. So you have to think with a platform existing THAT long, is there really an economy to be had still, or has it all been done and its now too late? With the rise of JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue with enough knowledge you could jump in on the ground floor and get going, show enough of your chops off and you’ll get steady work either consulting businesses on projects, or even making money from the other developers who use the framework. However this isn’t the case with WordPress, since it has been around for so long its not easy to “break into” the scene. Most plugin types have a reputation and have long standing with the community, so your only hope of getting business may be finding “new to WordPress” users, which is rare,
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