In a developer-client relationship, protecting industry-specific and sensitive information like company financials, sales-related figures, and so on, is not only an ethical responsibility but also an imperative requirement on part of the developer. If this information falls into the wrong hands following a leak at any point or a hack, the consequences for your client can be disastrous. When security and sensitive data are involved, it is always better to play safe than sorry. I talked with WordPress developer and Codeable expert Mitchell Callahan to find out what possible solutions you could put in place when your clients are heavily concerned with data leak, data breach, and handling sensitive data. It's a key topic and one that's far from being easily addressed because as Mitchell comments: It's an interesting 'dance' because ultimately if someone's got access to your site, they've got access to the data. Yet, more often than not, there are ways you can mitigate this. Have you ever left your house key to one of your family members, one of your close friends, your neighbor eventually, for whatever reason? When you gave them your keys, you enabled them to enter your house and look through
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