In this episode, Matt Medeiros continues the impromptu Season 6 with his interview with Tom McFarlin. Tom is a developer and business owner in the WordPress community but is not solely dependent on WordPress. He balances his consulting and development business along with teaching and blogging with a focus on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) encouraging people to write good code. Listen to the episode What you will learn from this Episode: Tom has a membership area with Digital courses on his site (1:10) Pressware has been growing over the past 7 years and provides consulting, custom plugin and development functionality. (2:43) Tom’s blog has moved into a combination of free posts along with paid content for members. (2:28) Marketing your product: The marketing strategy is not just a focus this year for the membership site launch. (3:39) Building strong content will take time and people can sign up as needed or when they recognize the value. (8:02) Blogging with great content with authority takes a lot of work. (8:52) The current blog is established and is being published with a set schedule. (9:42) Word of mouth and posting to Twitter have been the best marketing
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