In this day in age when when you have sites like WeWorkRemotely which is a job board just for remote jobs, and other non-technical jobs are now 100% remote, do you really need to hire a remote WordPress developer or consultant? A Local WordPress Developer Isn’t Necessary The straight up and most honest answer is no. I have worked for many clients that were not in Los Angeles, or even in California. One of my clients right now is not even based in the United States. WordPress developers, consultants, etc. have the privilege of being able to work really anywhere they want. Some of my friends in the WordPress community are 100% “digital nomads”, they are constantly traveling the globe hopping from one scenic WiFi hot spot to the next. Remote WordPress Developers Shouldn’t Dictate Timezone You as a business owner shouldn’t worry about where a WordPress developer is located because it is on them to be responsive and mindful of your time. If they are half way around the world from you, don’t let them dictate what time a meeting will happen, a good consultant will know that their time zone is not as important as their client’s. This applies whether
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