The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and your busy time is our busy time. Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Jilt sent over 120,000 emails that helped stores recover almost half a million dollars! It was intense, but this update isn’t just about telling you how hard our servers worked over BFCM. In addition to helping shops rescue thousands of dollars, we’ve also made some big changes to Jilt that we’re pretty excited about. To the update! New email editor We’ve been teasing this for awhile, and the big day is finally here: our new visual email editor is live for all Jilt users! Setting up email campaigns is the first thing you do when you sign up for Jilt, but until now, editing campaign emails was kind of a drag — it was difficult to add new sections or content, Jilt didn’t have a built-in way to use and save your own images in your emails, and customizing the look and feel of emails meant getting your hands dirty with HTML. Our new editor simplifies the whole process of designing beautiful emails with Jilt. Adding your logo, updating text, inserting images, including discount codes, and other tweaks are now as easy as dragging and dropping
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