Hey everyone! We're getting settled back in after an amazing trip to WordCamp US in Nashville. Beaver Builder is a distributed team and it's always an awesome opportunity seeing the team face-to-face. Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, gave his annual State of the Word speech and Gutenberg, WordPress' new editor project, was the hot topic of the weekend. The #1 question that we all got over the weekend was, “what do you think about Gutenberg?” We wanted to bring that conversation here to the blog and invite you all to participate. Matt mentioned that they're designing Gutenberg for new users. We believe there's always going to be another level of customization and features that Page Builders can provide. The Gutenberg Demo Gutenberg has come a long way since it was announced last year. If you're not familiar with Gutenberg yet, I'd encourage you to check out the demo portion of the SOTW. It's impressive! Matias mentions that he combined several unfinished features and, in doing so, he paints a picture of a much more finalized product than the iterations we've seen previously. There was a growing murmur of excitement in the crowd. The Gutenberg
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