I don’t have many plugins available in the WordPress Plugin Repository anymore (and there are reasons for that), but I’ve been giving some thought to those plugins that I do have as well as the general level of code quality that goes into the first iteration of a plugin. I mean, for some, plugins are merely small utilities that aim to do one thing and one thing well. Then, other plugins are much more advanced. I think these need a higher level of code quality to make them more maintainable. But there’s one aspect of building plugins (or any software, really, but I’m specifically talking about WordPress plugins) that I find myself thinking about: What level of plugin code quality of enough to ship the first version of a plugin? Plugin Code Quality Assume, for this post, that I’m talking about a single plugin that leans toward the smaller side. It does one thing, It does one thing well, It plays nicely with WordPress, It has relatively wide utility to users, It elicits a good amount of positive feedback, And it continues to work well as WordPress moves forward. I mean, by all of the above points, the plugin has several levels of quality to it, right? But
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