Beaver Builder is often referred to as the best page builder plugin for WordPress and after checking it out, it’s hard not to agree. With a popular free plugin that’s been actively installed on over 400,000 websites, as well as the powerful premium version, Beaver Builder is a visual editor for WordPress that can really help you create unique content designs for your website. Although Beaver Builder is packed with useful features, there are still some areas where it can be enhanced by using it alongside a specialist plugin. Creating slideshows is one example of this, and in this guide to using Smart Slider 3 and Beaver Builder 2, we’ll explore how you can add even better slideshows to your website with Beaver Builder and Smart Slider 3. What Makes Beaver Builder 2 so Great? Beaver Builder 2 picks up where the first version of this plugin left off and adds even more great features and an improved user interface to the mix. You still get access to the same great selection of customizable modules, including buttons, callouts, counters, pricing tables, testimonials, and more. However, now the workflow for using those modules is much improved. The same can be said for the
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