For the last couple of years, we’ve been tracking and sharing the most popular WordPress plugins and themes installed on GoDaddy servers. In 2016, the WordPress Hot 100 tracked trends in plugin and theme installations by monitoring their relative growth month over month. At the end of the year, we ran a few interviews with notable developers whose WordPress products had topped the Hot 100 charts: We changed our approach for 2017. At the beginning of each month, we looked at the most popular installations overall, showcasing the top 100 most-installed plugins and themes for the previous 30 days. As with 2016, we excluded themes and plugins that aren’t licensed under GPL. We also began filtering out GoDaddy-specific plugins and themes as much as possible. Our hope was that this would make the WordPress Hot 100 listings more representative of the WordPress ecosystem as a whole. Our new approach for 2017 didn’t begin until March, so while this year-end recap isn’t totally comprehensive, we do think that there are some insights worth sharing. Note: The most popular WordPress plugins aren’t necessarily the best for your website. So before you commit to everything
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