I have a personal dislike for list posts – you know the kind of thing, just cut-and-pasted round-ups of the ’20 top this’ or the ’10 top that’. They’re easily compiled articles that (as far as I can see) have very little value for the reader. However, I feel that this post is somewhat different. The findings here are all based on hard facts. Over the last few months, I’ve collected extensive data on over 40,000 websites. All the websites have been active this year (they’re not just dead and abandoned sites from way back) and the analysis has been interesting in several respects. In this post, I can reveal: The 20 most popular active plugins The 20 most popular active WordPress themes Note that the stats here are not for the most frequently downloaded plugins or themes, and they’re not based on any data supplied by the theme or plugin directories. All the figures here are representative of products actually in use on websites. There’s more information on how this data was collected at the bottom of the post. But first, here’s a list. The 20 most popular active WordPress plugins Based on data gathered between 1 March 2017
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