Welcome to the 34th edition of the monthly transparency report (for November 2017). This is a series where I share and discuss the more interesting events, projects, and learnings from the company’s day to day. Click here to see the previous reports. First up, Black Friday… is it something you should participate in? Both from a customer’s point of view and also from the merchant’s? Well, the former comes down to your personal preference and the way you do your shopping for the year, but the latter is a bit more complicated thing. On the one hand, if you have a product and you’re willing to provide a discount, you can probably make some good sales. But does the math on that check out in practice? I hope to provide you with some details on that today. Just to remind you, we took part in this year’s Black Friday in two distinct ways: (1) we had a Black Friday sale at ThemeIsle, and (2) we compiled a really detailed list of the best Black Friday deals for WordPress and “web things” right here on the blog. I finally have some data on how it all went: Results of our Black Friday sale at ThemeIsle This year was the first time when we actually
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