In my last article, I reviewed a few different options for hosting WordPress locally using GUI-based apps. Well, the nerd voice was strong in the comments section of that article and the nerds want CLI-based tools. If it isn’t text or it has more than 8 colors, they don’t want to hear about it. Well, nerds – here it is. A bunch of text, about a bunch of other text, that you can use to host your WordPress websites locally. Rejoice. ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? This time around, I looked at a few different CLI-based local dev setups – I had no criteria for choosing which ones, I pretty much just typed all of the names that I thought I remembered into Google and tried out the 5 that were actually things. You’re welcome. Hot Tip: If you want to destroy your productivity as a web developer, install a bunch of different tools that all want to run on port 80 and print out 10-page manifestos of red text whenever something else is running on port 80… Highly effective. VVV Not to be confused with the incredible game, VVVVVV, VVV, or Varying Vagrant Vagrants (cool…), is
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