It’s the end of another year, let’s look back at 2017 and talk about our plans for 2018. The two most significant things from us in 2017 were: Release of VersionPress 4.0 beta with support for WordPress plugins and themes. Introduction of, a hosted platform that includes content merging (“staging that works”) and other productivity features. VersionPress 4.0 4.0 is a significant update of VersionPress’ internals to support plugin and themes in a flexible way. WordPress core itself is treated as a “plugin” and you can view its definitions on GitHub: schema.yml, actions.yml, shortcodes.yml and hooks.php. It’s quite amazing that the entirety of WordPress can be described in a relatively few lines of code, and typical plugins are of course much smaller. Here is an example of WooCommerce definitions. 4.0 is currently in beta and the two key things remaining are: Implement some remaining issues and wrap up the final release Create an online repository for plugin definitions (#1243) But even with that, we recommend you use 4.0-beta over 3.0 stable as it passes the same set of tests and is generally better prepared for the future.
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