Perhaps you have heard the phrase Time to First Byte but somehow the concept seems to escape some people. Be it because it seems incredibly tech oriented or because it seems like an abstract concept, not that important to everyday use. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time to First byte is not actually a concept or an idea that only the techie people should understand. Everyone should be able to grasp it’s meaning and apply it into practice. In this article I’m going to explain to you, in few words: what is Time to First Byte, how does this affect your site and why you should pay considerable attention on this subject if you want to give your readers the best experience possible when browsing your site. What is Time to First Byte? Time to first byte (TTFB) is a measurement used as an indication of the responsiveness of a webserver or other network resource. TTFB measures the duration from the user or client making an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the client’s browser. This time is made up of the socket connection time, the time taken to send the HTTP request, and the time taken to get the first byte of the page. Although sometimes
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