I’m tired of all the negative talk around sliders so I’m just going to leave this here… Yes, I know it’s the Squarespace homepage and yes, I’m well aware that this blog is on a site for a WordPress plugin. But you know what? The Squarespace website kicks WordPress.org’s ass. Why? Well, it’s beautifully designed for one thing. And you know what else is really cool? Its sliders. That’s a big ol’ slider right there in the header. When I first visited the redesigned version of the site after having not seen it for a while (I love WordPress, why would I visit Squarespace?!), it took me a few moments to realize I was looking at a hero header slider because it looked gorgeous. I mean, look at it. It’s stunning! If you’ve been listening to the anti-slider brigade bleat on about how bad sliders are, spend a couple of minutes scrolling through the Squarespace homepage and then come back and tell me why sliders are terrible for user experience design, distracting, unattractive, slow and difficult to use… Those are some of the popular arguments against sliders. Because I just don’t see it. Yes, sliders were pretty damn
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