In this tutorial, we are going to look through the best practices for integrating Google Analytics into your WooCommerce store to get all the necessary data about your users and their purchases. Web analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data about the visitors of your site and their online behavior. Analytical information helps to improve and optimize a web project, contributes to the development of commercial and non-commercial sites. Analytics is particularly valuable for online stores. Today, many e-commerce niches are highly competitive. Therefore, a careful analysis of the online store and its users’ behavior is a necessary stage of business development. The analytics is of a great benefit to those projects, that have specific goals set (major and secondary). If you want to work not only to raise sales, but also to develop your brand and build your company community, then the goals can be also divided into commercial (purchases, order processing) and non-commercial (reviews, file downloads, etc.). Google settings To use Google services, you must create an account on this platform (mailbox). If you still do not have such an account, you can create
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