I was always interested in computers but I did not know I would become a developer. As a kid, a dream job, was playing and reviewing video games. I believe, many kids had a similar dream job. I guess, that’s where I started seeing a dream job would be a job where you would be happy to go to and maybe even sad when going from it. Today, I see myself as having a dream job. Let me tell you how I got to my current situation. Programming was not for me While going to high school, I was introduced to programming. We did some Turbo C++ and I could not understand a thing. Even a simple for-loop was hard for me. I would rather play Counter-Strike with friends who attended that class. After that, as I did not understand programming, I chose not to follow such career path. I did not want my parents to pay for my college expenses since I would have to go to another city. Especially since I realised I don’t understand how to code. Since I live in Croatia, I did not have access to a high speed internet. At that time, a high speed internet was an ADSL with a download speed of 200kb/s. I was using the 56k modem which was too expensive so I had only 2 hours per week to spend on it. I used
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