Site maintenance and management are essential and crucial aspects of running a WordPress website. One important element is a regular WordPress backup routine. In the early days of the internet there were mostly simple HTML sites tailored together, and back then – backups were not really something that people thought much of. Nowadays times have changed and nearly every website, blog, or professional news magazine out there is relying on some sort of database management for storing and accessing data. Your valuable content and data is what makes your website worth visiting. In case of server crashes, hard drive failures, natural disasters, hacker attacks or other major issues with your website, that data can easily get lost. You can avoid this by backing up your WordPress site. 5 Common mistakes when dealing with WordPress backups It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you dig deep enough, you can find plenty of stories circulating the web where webmasters were dealing with server crashes or other issues that caused all their data to disappear. It’s really not that uncommon! Although these days reliable hosting companies usually perform daily backups for their customers,
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