Do you know what your users are actually doing when they open your website? We’ve made the research on tools which will be great for tracking logs in WordPress and chosen three most popular plugins from the WordPress plugin directory: Activity Log, User’s Activity Log, User’s Activity Tracking and Log. We’ll also provide you with exhaustive data about each of them as well as our recommendations and comments. About Logs A log is a file with all the records of events in chronological order. It is created by server software. Administrators and website owners always need as much data as possible, so logs help you to maintain that data. A log is a tool that always records data and enables you to easily access these records.Due to received data t, the following issues are solved at once: timely detection of problems more efficient review and planning productivity increase accumulation of statistics and records confidence in stable work User’s Activity Tracking and Log It is a free plugin that is available from the WordPress plugin directory. It works well immediately after activation. It’s got an intuitive and user-friendly interface with most of needed
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