Today we’ll get to pick David Rashty’s mind about WordPress-based product businesses and entrepreneurship. David owns several WordPress-based products, as well as various Magento-based ones. Additionally, he’s a seed investor, actively hunting for great early-stage ventures in which he invests his money. David, thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us! Let’s start by getting to know you a bit – what’s your educational and professional background? I have a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in educational technologies. I have been working as a CTO and CEO in several startups prior to building our WordPress and Magento products marketplace. When was your first encounter with WordPress and how did you get into the WordPress business sphere? Back in 2007, I was hired to help improve a site for a certain VOIP company. It was running on WordPress 2.X, and I could see the potential in building tools to enhance the functionality and ease-of-use of the platform. At the same time, I thought it was not super well organized. Back then, there were few premium WordPress-based products, so i didn’t take it further, but that was the beginning
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