Searching for the best tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2018? The pace of technological development can make it very hard to stay up to date (as well as time-consuming). Throw in the tremendous amounts of great content produced every day, and you can really struggle to keep abreast of everything. That’s why the curated newsletter is making a comeback and is so popular now! The concept itself is pretty simple – curated newsletters are just emails that contain a selection of popular, interesting or noteworthy content. Many of the best tech newsletters out there will help you separate the wheat from the chaff while also saving you some precious hours (immediately cutting down your search and scan time). With that in mind, we have compiled the following list of the 11 best tech newsletters (and web culture newsletters) around. The topics covered in them range from A.I., to the death of blogging (again!). Some of the newsletters provide roundups, whereas others go in-depth on particular subjects. One notable example even takes you outside the Valley bubble to see what is happening in tech in less represented areas of the globe. Let’s check them out (no particular order):
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