Just like a baby outgrows the clothes, a digital business outgrow its hosting plan as it grows up… However, unlike the baby, when it comes to digital business, deciding when the current hosting is no longer an adequate solution is difficult to guess. This is often the case when the business has progressed beyond the initial stages. To help such businesses, I have compiled the following list that indicates when the business needs new hosting. I recommend that business owners and managers should keep an eye out for these indicators and consider switching to a new hosting solution ASAP. Your Website is Crawling at a Snail’s Pace A slow website is a revenue killer. Think of all the visitors that could have converted, but is bouncing away because of the slow speed. Google also hates slow websites and actually places such websites very low in SERP. Businesses often start with low cost shared hosting plans in order to save initial business costs.As the traffic increases, shared hosting solutions start to slow down the website because of uneven allocation of resources. is essential and one reason for it being slow is the current hosting plan. In such cases, the businesses should
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