There is no doubt that we have all left a window open in our house while we have popped to the shop to grab some milk. Think back to the number of occasions where you have left your car unlocked for a moment while paying for a parking ticket or dropping something off. Probably more than just once, right? It is natural for us to forget about managing risky situations and put them on the back burner. Human nature encourages us to feel positive wherever possible, and we like to think that most people and circumstances are to be trusted and that nothing untoward will happen. Although that is true in most cases, there are times when the odds aren’t in our favor, and when that occurs, it will be too late to do anything about it. If your home or car is broken into due to lapse security, you will be left picking up the pieces knowing that you could have prevented a very unfortunate situation. With regards to WordPress, the same logic applies, and hoping that your site won’t get hacked is most definitely not the best course of action. Obviously, nobody wants their site attacked, and if that happens, there are likely to be serious consequences; your website could get blacklisted from
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