Collections is the Last Recourse. Prevention is Key. Here is the basic order of things. Manage expectations. Have a contract. Verify you sent the invoice to the right person. Send statements and reminders. Start collections sooner than later. I know that seems simple, but about 70% of all collections issues I’ve encountered were because of these types of mistakes. It’s important to be friendly in tone and with your voice, even if you have to escalate. As Samantha Zehngut said in her WordCamp Orange County talk, “Sell the joy of paying your bill.” "Sell the joy of paying your bill" – best advice I've heard in a long, long time. Thanks @SamanthaMccoy10 #wcoc — Jeffery Patch (@JeffDoozy) June 11, 2017 Also: You should watch this. WCOC-BS-3Get Link to Video Share Play Video Step 1: Email Send an email asking for help with the invoice. Yes. Ask for help. I start with “Can you help me?” People like to be the hero. This is emotional. They want to help. Make it more about them and less about you. It’s not a conflict — yet. It could be a simple mistake. Remember that everyone is doing their job.
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