This subject was extremely difficult for me to find an opening to approach with. It’s something I wish I didn’t have to blog about in the first place, but it’s something that has not slowed down, even with the likes of WordFence revealing details surrounding it. I have actually been speaking with Dan who wrote the post on WF over the past few days, he’s been extremely helpful with this post. Backdooring Plugins Most people blindly trust updates to plugins and will update it to defend against Cyberattacks. This weakness has been exploited by the 3 people mentioned in this article, to gain backdoors to people’s websites and use them as their own personal link network – Though it actually goes greatly beyond that. Essentially, what these SEOs would do, is do an outreach email to plugin owners that haven’t updated in a while or have a smaller size of sites that have the plugin currently installed. They’d then offer to buy the plugin and proceed to run an update which included a backdoor to the sites, so they could inserts links onto the sites that installed them – All through a dashboard they had setup on a server that we actually located,
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