Boom. Things look different around here. A little bit anyway. For the better part of a year, we’ve been working on an updated look for our site which turned into some updated looks for our plugins which might have turned into something else if we didn’t just set a deadline for ourselves We always enjoy reading about the insider details of how other shops choose to do these internal things so we thought we’d return the favor by sharing more of what we’ve done & why. We even got our designer to share about their process. So what’s different? If this is your first time at our site, first off – welcome (and also you should totally subscribe to the blog for more awesome free content for devs – scroll to the bottom of this post to do so /end obligatory marketing ask) and second – let’s show you what things used to look like. The Look Here’s an image of what our homepage looked like at the beginning of last year: Here’s what it looks like now: Here’s what our WP Migrate DB Pro sales page used to look like: Here’s what it looks like now: Ditto WP Offload S3: Now: As much as we might personally advocate that of
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