I'm excited to be introducing Elementor v1.9, which comes packed with Autosave, and several other UI features to help streamline your workflow. I know, receiving interface changes can be a tough cookie to swallow. It might be difficult to get used to the changes, but I guarantee that a couple of hours after using it - you're going to fall in love with the new version! Today's new Elementor version 1.9 introduces such changes. This is the first time in over a year and a half, that our panel gets a major update. We are making these changes because Elementor's capabilities are constantly growing, and the interface has to match that growth. To achieve this, we need to continually innovate and improve core elements, to allow creators and designers to stay ahead of the game. We never cease to add cutting-edge features, while ensuring everything runs smoothly for all users, not only for the current version, but for future versions of Elementor as well. Every change was meticulously considered from every angle, and was added based on our users' feedback alongside our own vision. It took us three months to ship the best solution, releasing version 1.9 following extensive testing by our team
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