What’s coming this month to WordPress? No! Not Gutenberg. Give 2.0 is coming, and it’s more scalable than ever. Introducing Give 2.0 Our users spoke, and we listened. Several new features that you have been asking for to improve your fundraising campaigns are coming to Give 2.0 next week. Refactored & Improved Email Management New interface allows you to enable/disable emails with a click, or customize every email Give sends out. Streamlined Donor Registration Donors only need to check a box in order to register for an account during their donation on your site now. Give is now capable of storing multiple addresses per donor. Previously, donors were unable to have multiple addresses attached to their profiles. This caused issues with donors who would need to have multiple addresses associated with their business. Now Give has the ability to store a billing address, mailing address, and other address formats. This is helpful for future add-on and enhancements to the core plugin. Goals have been able to be set either as an amount, or a percentage. In 2.0 they can also be set as number of donations. Each of these new features will be available in the free Give plugin starting
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