This post is a complete guide on how to fully manage your Beaver Builder Elements on your website using Widget Options for WordPress. This is another page builder support, in addition to the ones for Elementor and SiteOrigin. Ever since the development of this new Beaver Builder feature for Widget Options, I have been really excited to bring it out, so let’s not wait any longer and start with the video below. I hope that just like the other features, you love this one, too! Manage Beaver Builder Element Visibility Using Free Widget Options Version I hope you enjoyed watching the video! That should be all that you need to get started with Beaver Builder on Widget Options. However, I have prepared a detailed written explanation about how this feature works, in case you prefer reading. I start with the free features that are available on the WordPress plugin directory. If you haven’t checked out the plugin yet, click here and start experiencing one of the world’s top-rated WordPress plugins! Show or Hide Beaver Builder Module Element per Page If you are using Beaver Themer, this feature will be very helpful for visibility restriction on your layouts. You can now easily
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