Master the future of WordPress Development with the new JavaScript driven Gutenberg Editor. Don't wait to learn the important changes that are coming to WordPress. Get the course today and start learning. Payment and Course Access Takes Place at Gutenberg Is Still In Development. How Can You Do A Course on Gutenberg Development? While a number of things will continue to evolve with Gutenberg, enough of the API is stable that I felt comfortable doing a course at this point. Will You Update the Course? Yes. I plan to update the course as Gutenberg evolves. Some of these updates will be free, but a second edition of the course may be necessary based on the extent of new additions to Gutenberg. Do I Need to Learn Gutenberg Development? If you want to be part of the future of WordPress Development then yes. What Level of JavaScript Do I Need to Know? The more Vanilla JavaScript, React and development tools you know, the easier this course will be. You can follow along with this course and start building blocks without in depth knowledge of these, but you will likely want to learn more along the way. Please see my JavaScript for WordPress content to level up to where you
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