Plugin marketing pages are the most valuable resource for getting your plugin into the hands of your users. Regardless of which type of business model you follow, the quality of your marketing page is the difference between success and failure. To build a winning marketing page that will drive installs, writing good copy is not enough. You need to take this further and optimize your marketing page with elements that leave an impression and drive conversions. How Animated GIFs Increase Conversion Rate Let’s start by reflecting on how a GIF animation can be the hook that makes your audience convert. Grab Users Attention And Engage Them We live in the age of information. Everything is one click away, and the internet is full of content, popping up to grab our attention. People are increasingly “bombarded” with more and more stimuli, while their attention span has been dwindling. So if you want to get people hooked, you need to give people something visually remarkable. GIFs, for example, can get people focused and quickly turn their initial curiosity into genuine interest. People may ignore certain images and not bother to hit play on videos, but GIFs are impossible to
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