Christie Chirinos is a Partner at Caldera Labs. Christie received her Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in information systems management from Florida State University, and is currently based out of New York City where she lives with her cat, Snickers. A new w?b?it? i? a big inv??tm?nt – which i? wh? it’s so important th?t ??u g?t the right, ?r?f???i?n?l ?u???rt from a w?b d??ign ??m??n? ??u ??n d???nd on. As sellers of Caldera Forms, a product often used in new website investments, we’ve seen how these projects can go very wrong, and we’ve also identified the common factors that help these projects go very right. This is the advice I give to friends when they ask me how to go about getting a website. Vetting Your Web Developer It all starts with the right person or firm. Ch???? the right professional and ?v?r?thing ?l?? w?uld mostly run smoothly, l??ving ??u with a beautiful w?b?it? th?t d?liv?r? r??l r?turn? on your investment. Make th? wr?ng d??i?i?n, and you ri?k w??ting a l?t of tim?, m?n?? ?nd ?ff?rt ?n something th?t ?im?l? doesn’t work f?r ??ur bu?in???. First, understand the “who” of the industry. WordPress
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