Not too long ago, I talked about the somewhat paradoxical idea of password protecting WooCommerce product categories to prevent unauthorized visitors from accessing specific categories at your store. Now, I’m going to take things one step further and show you how to create an entirely private WooCommerce store. That is, instead of merely restricting access to certain categories, you’re going to learn how to restrict access to the whole shebang in one fell swoop. To do that, we’ll be using a plugin called WooCommerce Private Store from Barn2 Media, the same developer behind the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin I used in that other post. Why Would You Want To Create A Private WooCommerce Store? Isn’t That Counterproductive? Well, if you’re trying to be the next Amazon, then yeah, it’s pretty counterproductive to hide your store from the general public. But there are plenty of legitimate reasons that you might want to create a private WooCommerce store. Here are a couple times this functionality can come in handy: Wholesale stores – many wholesale stores don’t want their stock (or prices) available to the general public. Members-only
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