We get a lot of questions about how to make one page website or if we sell one page WordPress themes. Let me answer both of these questions right at the beginning. Every WordPress theme can be a one page website and I will show you just how simple it is. What Is a One Page Website? One page website is nothing more than a website with all the essential content on a single page, usually homepage. It’s mostly used by businesses that want to promote a single product or a service in a clear and direct way. Some examples are showcasing a portfolio to your clients, organizing an event, or starting a new business. When on a one page website, a click on navigation links won’t send you to a new page but it will jump or scroll down on the same page to the content section connected with the link. This can make the user experience much better and increases user engagement. There are many one page WordPress themes available online but like I’ve already said, we can turn any theme to a one pager with just a little bit of work. How to Create One Page Website With WordPress? Anchor links For a basic one page website, all we need is a menu, content and anchor links. I believe you all
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