We see a lot of new websites every day, made by people looking to promote a business and get more clients. By building one of WordPress’s most popular contact form plugin, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a lead generation form tick. Forms make the web a two way conversation. When you create that lead generation form for your site, you’re looking to start that conversation and turn it into your new business relationships. First impressions matter. This is a very important topic here at Caldera Labs. We don’t want to just give you a form, we want it to help you grow your following, your business and your career. Based on our experience, we have five major questions we believe you should ask yourself before creating a form to ensure that it helps grow your business so you can achieve great victory in 2018. #1: Is Your Form Mobile-Friendly? Your forms must work on any type of device. In 2018, a site that isn’t totally usable on mobile is not an option. Therefore, your forms must be responsive and you must know they work on any of the hundreds of device types in use today. The “squish test” is not enough for checking the mobile-friendliness
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