If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you might have seen Brad’s post on setting up Let’s Encrypt on a server to get a free SSL certificate. While it’s super easy and free to get an SSL certificate these days, there are likely a few more tweaks that you’ll need to get your WordPress site running well over HTTPS after installing the certificate: Testing the site over HTTPS to make sure the certificate is installed properly Updating the URLs in the database Fixing any mixed content warnings Adding redirects from HTTP URLs to the HTTPS versions of URLs Luckily most of this is pretty easy and can be done with a few tweaks to the wp-config.php file and with the WP Migrate DB Pro find & replace feature. We’ll be doing just that in this quick tutorial. Why HTTPS? Of course the biggest reason every website should switch to HTTPS is security. Things like logging in, performing administrative actions, and making payments should all be encrypted to make it harder for third parties to gather sensitive information. This has become so important that Google is even ranking sites that use HTTPS higher than sites that don’t use HTTPS. Google isn’t
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