I write about a lot of WordPress plugins and services on this site, but rarely does it work to write about one at the point that I am starting to use it myself. I have also written a lot about social. I’ve talked about it and shared my own strategies around the scheduling of social. Through testing, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t and have crafted that part of my business slowly and successfully. I’ve shared plenty about the tools I use. For scheduling, it has been CoSchedule for quite some time. In fact, since August 2015. But it’s time for a change. Along Came Social Web Suite If you go to WordCamps, you might have experienced that feeling when you meet someone and you just know… okay, these are good people and I know they are going to become colleagues and friends of mine. Call it my intuition. But that has been the case with Tina Todorovic and Dejan Markovic from Social Web Suite. If you have met them yourself, you know what I mean. For quite some time, their new product has been in beta. They were working hard, fine-tuning it before the formal release, which happened this month. And damn, it was worth the wait. There may had been a time
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