Theme quality is something that’s not negotiable here at CSSIgniter. For over five years now we carry the promise of new theme releases month to month for our customers and we focus all of our efforts in maintaining the high quality standard we’ve set for them ever since we began this awesome endeavour. Five years in now and except for quality we’ve now found ourselves to also have to deal with another (a bit spookier) word: quantity. At the moment of this writing, our theme catalogue lists 89 premium and free WordPress themes, not counting the ones on Themeforest or our premium plugins or awesome Elementor landing pages. Counting everything, we’re racking up about 150 (!) WordPress theme, plugin, and landing page products all with their own user demos and marketing pages. Our theme and plugin demos are really important to us. They are quite literally the storefront of our business and the first point of friction that any of our users will have with our products. Anyone in the website development business can tell you how a website is a bit of a living organism that needs serious maintenance; browsers come and go, specifications change, external content on the
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